Real Estate Services

Project Marketing: are pioneers in Project Marketing. We are the perfect choice for many successful companies and large scale developers to secure their big and important investments. Our company was built on the cornerstone to providing any kind of resources for the sole purpose of managing property assets.

It is very crucial for us to imbibe a sense of trust onto our clients, that they’re placing the future of their brand and assets in capable and reliable hands. The team at works round the clock to ensure that our clients get nothing but the best from their properties.

Residential Development Experts:

Our services are supervised by our skilled team of Residential Development Experts. The objective of the residential development site sales team is to identify, appreciate, and realize the potential in development sites that others might have failed to notice.

They are deployed directly onto the property site to scout out anything that might add potential value for our clients. They deep dive into important factors like water supply, security concerns, commute distance to city centers, noise pollution, child-friendliness, proximity to schools, colleges, law enforcement, commercial establishments, overall development of surrounding infrastructure, and accessibility in general, depending on the type of property and its unique requirements, whatever they may be. Then, they proceed to make arrangements to optimize the property so that our clients get the ultimate experience that every property owner deserves.

Our team has the most comprehensive track record across India for the marketing and sale of residential development sites through the most captivating marketing campaigns and by utilizing our highly resourceful network of industry leaders. We have proven to be more successful than any other company in the industry in terms of client or tenant acquisition, and it plays a major role in, long term. Our relationships with clients are built to last an entire lifetime, and for even generations to come as the property gets passed on into the future.

Residential Property Management:

Our work does not stop with Residential development. We follow through with Residential Property Management as well. For a majority of our clients, their residential property investment is their largest asset, and our team takes personal responsibility for the success of their clients. We see to it that our clients get the most return on investment from their property investments by managing the property effectively, routine maintenance, and thorough tenant management.

Residential Sales: is also home to the finest team in Residential Sales who are capable of handling any type of property ranging from studio apartments to luxury city pads, prestige waterfront properties, and rural lifestyle estates. understands how important the decision is to purchase or sell your dream property and we are as involved and committed as you are. Our diverse portfolio of properties attracts thousands of clients and tenants every day. The residential sales team aims to find the perfect fit for each client by matching them with their ideal properties and their priorities. Beginning from initial property search, up until legal procedures, you can always count on

NRIs and Senior Citizens:

We understand what a daunting task it can be to manage your properties while staying abroad. It can be difficult to not have face to face and personal interactions with people who are going to be renting, leasing, buying, or selling your properties.

The system in India especially is an intricately woven web of diverse communities of tenants, numerous brokers, and property owners, each of them spread across different localities across the country. For years, has studied, persevered and succeeded in navigating through the unique sector of Indian Real Estate. Regardless of where you may be in the world, your assets are the most secure in the hands of our reliable employees.

We also work with our community of Senior Citizens. They are valued as the highest priority clients in the office of We provide all Property management services, that are most preferred by NRIs and senior citizens, all under a single roof.

Property care services:

Our major services include Property Care which deals with any sort of maintenance pertaining to properties under management.

Tenant Management:

A huge portion of our clients come in search of us for our popular Tenant Management services. After purchasing a property, it is advisable to make it into an asset that generates revenue for you. The best way is to rent out to tenants. Our experienced team ensures that you have a smooth experience by managing all aspects of tenant management in various scenarios.

Tenant search:

The initial tenant search is also handled by our team of experts and we find the perfect tenant for your property.

Property Marketing:

We assist with Property marketing on all kinds of sources like social media, newspapers and even third party platforms in order to attract the right tenants.

Tenant Verification:

We also perform the recommended Tenant verification procedures like background checks and financial security checks to choose only the perfect tenants for you.

Broker Coordination:

Our team handles all interactions and undertakes responsibilities of Broker coordination for different properties and localities.


Once you finalize, a financial Negotiation will be coordinated between you and your tenant where you can agree upon a fixed monthly rental amount for your property.


Our legal team is also equipped to handle all kinds of Agreements, paperwork and legal formalities that are required for the process.

Seamless tenant Replacement:

In addition to the services mentioned above, also assists clients with Seamless Tenant replacement in the event of a lease expiration or any other arising situations.

Tenant agreements:

We also manage Tenant agreements for the new tenants. Our team drafts the proper agreement that is legally compliant and gets them processed for clients.

Renewal Management:

In case a tenant is interested in continuing after a lease expiration in the same property, also does Renewal management. Our teams will handle the necessary documentation for a smooth renewal process.

Owner Privacy:

We strive to make property ownership convenient with our selection of services. We let our clients dictate their own terms with respect to their property and establish boundaries for owner privacy.

Move-in Support:

Our goal is to promote a good relationship between property owners, buyers, renters, and tenants alike. This is why even provides Move in support to make your tenants feel welcome at your property.

Tenant support:

After helping tenants move in, we follow through with Tenant support throughout the end of their lease term with our professional management and maintenance services.

Detailed Exit checks:

When a tenant is ready to vacate your property, we deploy our dedicated team to thoroughly perform a detailed exit check to ensure that there is no damage to the property. You don't have to live on the premises of your property to stay in the loop and know what's going on. keeps clients updated with all the information such as copies of necessary legal documentation, Detailed Exit checks, security deposit statements, and token receipts. We are the most reliable choice for all your real estate needs.

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