Property Services

Property Management:

If you are looking for smart and reliable property management for Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial and Residential properties, look no further than


Our vast portfolio of clients includes NRIs, senior citizens, and plenty more. We assist our clients in all aspects of property management, Tenant Management, and even Facilities Management.

It can be a daunting task to juggle between multiple properties and their tenants. Nobody understands this better than This is why we offer all the necessary services including maintenance and legal services, under a single roof.

NRIs: was built on the cornerstone that clients should find everything they need right here, without having to constantly relay between various service providers in different places especially when you are an NRI staying abroad. This saves them a lot of time, energy, and money. We handle our clients with the utmost professional care, unrivaled by anyone else in the industry.

Senior Citizens:

Our team of highly skilled real estate consultants are more than qualified to provide the specialized attention that all senior citizen property owners deserve. We guarantee that you can rest easily after delegating the management, security, and future of your property into our safe hands.

Tenant Management: also provides specialized tenant management services for all clients to manage your property.


The team at are comprised of the brightest experts in the industry who are updated constantly on emerging trends. This way, they can effectively maintain your property, manage your tenants and handle all the legal paperwork necessary. Our team can perform all these functions simultaneously while you can sit back and reap the benefits of owning your property.


The Property Management team at specializes in handling all kinds of properties and clients.We understand how difficult it can be for NRI clients to go back abroad while leaving behind their properties in India. We conduct deep research and analysis on the latest industry trends to ensure that you get the best value out of your property. We handle all kinds of maintenance services and avoid any form of longterm damage in order to sustain your property. We also seamlessly manage the transition of tenants for your property, both short term, and long term. No matter where you might be in the world, we will constantly update you on the current status of your property and keep you involved in the process.

Senior Citizens:

Senior citizens who own property make up a huge part of our existing clients and nobody understands their concerns better than It can be difficult for senior citizens to constantly travel to and fro from properties for managing clients or any maintenance work. This is especially not advisable for senior citizens who are at high risk during this Pandemic time. can take over and keep you directly involved in any process without you having to be physically present.

Facility Management:

We also offer Facilities management services for all our client properties such as handyman service for electrical, plumbing or any other issues, home cleaning and office cleaning.

Handyman service:

Our clients receive on-demand services for daily handyman services like electrical faults, clogged bathrooms and drains, general plumbing and any other related services.

Home Clean:

Another popular service that recently arose due to demand is cleaning and sanitization. offers home cleaning to prevent spread of any diseases and to maintain a safe environment.

Office Clean: also takes special care in cleaning and sanitizing your office spaces to ensure that employees can continue to work in a safe environment.

Real Estate Services:

Clients are our highest priority at We offer a wide spectrum of real estate services for new buyers, developers of any scale, and partners. Our team of experts are focused on getting the most out of our client’s property investments by minimizing risks and maximizing monetary value. Our motto is to deliver memorable service experiences for developers, buyers, and partners alike, at all times. strives to create a win - win situation for all stakeholders involved in a particular property.


Our range of real estate services includes Decors as well. We have dedicated teams for state of the art Home Decor, Office Decor, and even Landscape Décor.

Home Decor:

We ensure that your home decor is put together based on your tastes and requirements so that your space is managed effectively and also aesthetically pleasing.

Office Decor:

Our office decor services focus on getting the most out of your office space, based on the number of employees and the nature of work. We understand that teams and companies grow constantly, so we also take into consideration, a possible increase in the number of employees. Our office decor services lean towards increasing the productivity of office spaces and its employees.

Landscape decor: also provides landscape decor services for the space around your property to add to its overall value and bring the entire property to life.


Staysaway management is also within the scope of services offered by

Short Stays:

If our clients prefer this option, we optimize their property for short stays for them or any guests. We inspect and maintain the property after each and every visit to maintain the integrity of the property.

Service Apartments:

We can also optionally ensure that it functions as a service apartment for temporary guests. We manage their check in and check out , while additionally providing routine cleaning and maintenance.

Property Care:

Our department of PROPERTY CARE handles MAINTENANCE & INTERIORS for all our clients.

Inventory Checks:

They oversee critical aspects in property management like Inventory checks to effectively utilize the entire space.

Complete Interiors:

We also provide services to design and furnish interiors completely to custom client specifications.

6 month Inspections:

We conduct periodic 6-month inspections of all our properties by experts who never overlook even minor details.

Move in Checks:

Our staff handles pre Move in checks to make sure that the people occupying the property has everything they might need.

Detailed Exit Check:

We also perform corresponding Detailed Exit checks of properties thoroughly before the premises are vacated so that you don't have to.

Vendor Management:

Our services include Vendor management that manages all aspects of supply and demand that the property might require.

Rent and Deposit Management: also provide the best RENT & DEPOSIT MANAGEMENT services in the real estate industry.

Collection of Token:

We cover all aspects beginning with Collection of token from any new tenants, in order to analyse the current set of prospective tenants with our clients.

Security Deposit:

Once the tenant is finalized by the client, we go ahead with procuring the initial Security Deposit.

Rent Transfer:

Then, we create the rental agreement and process the necessary documentation. We do the collection of rent from the tenants regularly every month so that clients dont need to constantly follow up.

Detailed Customer Statements:

For every transaction made, provides processing of detailed customer statements for clients and tenants reference.

Bill Payments:

Our services additionally include facilitating any monthly Bill payments related to the property.

Association maintenance payments:

Some properties might have a seperate association which needs to be handled. Our scope of services covers even this aspect. assume responsibility for processing association maintenance payments between tenants and the association.

Exit Settlements:

In case of tenant transfers, we also process all necessary paperwork for the transfer of rental agreements, ensure that Exit settlements are thoroughly processed, and see to it that the property is checked thoroughly before being handed over to the new tenants.

We process all the transitions that take place regarding your property seamlessly while providing you detailed reports of all the processes. This way, our clients can stay on top of all the properties they manage. Feel free to reach out to for any of your property management needs.

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